Live for the journey, not the end

Location: Ayutthaya, Thailand
Date: March 2017

Have you ever visited an ancient civilisation?

You shouldn’t. It is the beginning of an insatiable love affair with the glorious past – the ambition, ingenuity, dedication and above all, the hunger to survive.

So I had planned a week to do absolutely nothing in Bangkok – yoga, eat, sleep, repeat. Of course, my plans never work out as they do in my head.

Other than trying to sell laughing gas along Khao San Road, wolfing down roadside pad thai and doing too many shots, I found myself on a road trip to the historic city of Ayutthaya.

It was a lovely day out at the Ayutthaya Historical Park.

You know how you always find yourself where you’re supposed to be?

As we sat on a tree in the middle of the ancient ruins, I started thinking: What did these kings want to be remembered for? Why did they build these great temples? How did they feel when they were destroyed by the Burmese?

We get so attached to what we do, what we achieve, what we failed to do. But everything we perceive to own, we can lose it overnight to elements that we can fail to predict.

But we start again. And we fight on. For a better tomorrow.

When you are lost, bored, worried or frustrated with life, remember the old kings and their battles. Because anything is worth fighting for as long as you believe it.

We meet people whom we are meant to meet, at the right time, in the right place.

In that moment, I smiled.

Just as the Incas were thought to build Machu Picchu in an attempt to leave behind their trace, and Qin Shi Huang buried himself with the security of his Terracotta army, we all want to mean something, and be remembered for something.

Once we know what that something is, choices become easier, though never easy. There will always be fear, insecurity, worry and doubt; but they come hand in hand with elation, joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Live for the journey, not the end.

And yes, I really did try to sell laughing gas. And got paid in giggles and laughter. Live, laugh, love!



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