Wisemen don’t look into the distance.

Because what is most joyful, is to leap into the sky like stars, wave your arms like a monkey and smell the earth like an elephant.

Location: Jammu-Kashmir, India
Date: June 2014

“We must try Thukpa and momos! They’re the national dishes of Ladakh.”

After 4 days of vegetarian thukpa and momos along the Kashmiri and Ladakhi highways, I started eating bananas and dreaming of steaks and cakes.

So as we sat there, admiring the Ladakhi mountains, we were in fact, not so much musing about life as we were wishing for giant juicy prawns back in Mumbai.

In and around Leh.

The truth is, as I write more and start looking at social media influencers, people love to look like they are deep in thought and oh so wise. They are always looking into the distance with that 45-degree angle to the sky, the mountain, the beach, the sea.

I have so many photos like that too. I even have one of a seemingly enlightened monkey:

Lohagarh Fort, Maharashtra, India, 2015.

But let me tell you now. Don’t believe that bullshit.

The easiest way to happiness is to work with your hands, work with your loved ones, and live with a smile every day. Not to take photos and look like you lived thousands of years before man was born.

Because what is most joyful, is to leap into the sky like stars, wave your arms like a monkey and smell the earth like an elephant.

Not to look perfect, and not to look wise.

Stay silly. Be crazy. Do random things.

Remember – stop looking into the distance.

I have no idea what we were doing. Hemis Monastery, Ladakh.
Smiling camels at Nubra Valley, Ladakh.

If you’re interested to visit Kashmir and Ladakh, we went with Demazong Travels. A good option to get a local to make arrangements if you’re pressed for time. If not, just hop into Leh and figure out what’s there! The area mainly relies on tourism for economic sustenance during the peak summer season.

Hemis Monastery, Ladakh. built in 1630. Monasteries and palaces were built in the mountains not for the view, but to seek protection from invaders and natural elements.

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